Oyster card marks 10th anniversaryBy  | Posted on January 28th, 2014

The Big Apple and its residents get a lot of stuff right. But that’s not to say they can’t learn a few thing things from those fog-drenched, bowler hat wearing folk in that other great global city.

Let pregnant people sit down

Subway users in NYC like children more than their London Underground counterparts. But they resolutely shun pregnant women. You could be lugging around a bump the size of Texas and your co-passengers, rather than catch your eye and kindly offer you a seat, will suddenly become extremely focused on their iPad or belt buckle. Londoners, meanwhile, fight to give up their seat to any woman with a belly they suspect might contain a fetus.

Make museums free
Museum and gallery enthusiasts in New York need to throw serious money at their hobby. Most big-name establishments charge entrance fees upwards of $20 – and this usually doesn’t include access to special exhibits.  In London, you needn’t part with a penny to explore the city’s major museums.