Twentypence is a clothing brand by English designer, Patrick Marini. Patrick moved to the USA in 2010 to marry the love of his life. Armed with a charming accent, creative talent and an eagerness to succeed he started Twentypence to showcase the British identity in a new light. 

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All Twentypence products are carefully thought out and meticulously designed to cut through the clichés and clutter associated with being British. Unfortunately you won’t find any beefeaters, cups of tea or union jack flags here. It was also an opportunity to educate people. There’s so much more to our great nation than just a flag and a royal family. Art, music sport and culture to name a few.

Now based in New Jersey, they looked to unite British design and American manufacturing, by working with as many American manufacturers, printers and crafters as possible. All their t-shirts are made and screen printed in the USA using water-based inks which produce a much softer print than traditional plastisol inks. They strive to create high quality products they can be proud of and you will love wearing. 

With many more products in the works this young brand  is worth keeping an eye one. Just between us, they will be releasing a cap, bracelet and tweed neckwarmers next month shhh. Keep up to date with all the news and releases on their blog.

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