servlet.ImageServerEvent: Reception & Presentation of the new Preshool and Lower School

Where: Darlington Hall 4 East 90th Street (between 5th and Madison Avenues)

When: Saturday, November 1st, at 10.30am 

The New York International School, a new school opening in September 2016, will be holding a Presentation Event on Saturday the 1st of November at 10:30 am in the Darlington hall, located in its school premises on 4 East 90th Street. 

All families interested in learning more about the school are warmly welcome to attend and have an opportunity to meet members of the Board of Governors and Heads of sisters schools who will be flying in from various parts of the world to attend the event.

The event will start with an informal reception with appetizers and will follow with a presentation of the school. Support and entertainment for families who which to attend with children is also provided

For more information Call +1 212 641 0260 or visit

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